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We are committed to Establishing infant-parent relationship teams that provide free therapeutic support to parents on a low income, who are concerned about their relationship with their babies in the first two years of life.”

Dr. Yvonne Osafo

Dr Yvonne Osafo is a child adolescent and adult psychotherapist and parent-infant psychoanalytic psychotherapist.  She specialises in early intervention from pregnancy to age two, the first 1001 critical days of life.  As a Fellow of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust for Early Years Intervention and Prevention, she has travelled the USA and Scandinavia to learn from best practice in parent-infant psychotherapy and returned to the UK to share her findings with her colleagues.  She completed her doctorate in psychoanalytic parent-infant psychotherapy at the University of Essex and teaches parent-infant psychotherapy and baby observation at Terapia Institute, and baby observation at the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education (IATE).  Dr Osafo is a member of the Executive, Assessment and Training Standards Committees of the UKCP College for Children and Young People.  She also chairs the UKCP Infant-parent psychotherapy sub-committee, which has developed standards of training for Infant-Parent Psychotherapists.

Anna Godfrey

I have worked as an infant-parent psychotherapist as part of early intervention services in South London since 2015. As a UKCP registered Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist, I have sat on the UKCP Infant-Parent Psychotherapy sub-committee and contributed to the development of IPP training standards. My background in literature and the arts originally led me into therapeutic training using the arts, before I completed training as an Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist. Throughout my training, I worked alongside young people in further education settings, many of whom were growing up in culturally complex, socially-economically deprived areas and whose traumatic histories began from a very early age. My experience establishing a counselling service in this setting gave me a glimpse into the urgent, intergenerational nature of their mental health needs. As a result, I am passionate about our national investment in all infant-family relationships and believe in the long term, profound impact that early intervention has for future generations. Currently, my community-based and culturally-curious therapeutic work, in partnership with various multidisciplinary teams, seeks to recognise diversity, identify barriers and give a voice to the most vulnerable babies in the community.

Nathan Osafo

  • Efficient and cost-effective service management.

  • Identifying local needs and local service development.

  • Working with the Clinical Lead on the development of the clinical team, referral pathways, and local systems.

  • Exploring innovative ways of working reflecting local needs.

  • Identifying and applying for funding opportunities and local commissioning.

  • Promoting the profile of the team with local early years services and organisations.

  • Representing the team at a strategic level jointly with the Clinical Lead.

Dr. Zack Eleftheriadou

Dr Zack Eleftheriadou MSc MA, Dip NCFED, is a Chartered Counseling Psychologist, Chartered Scientist and a Fellow of the British Psychological Society (HCPC reg). She has trained as an adult (both Integrative & Psychoanalytic), child and parent infant psychoanalytic psychotherapist (UKCP reg.) Since 1990, she has provided training and has published extensively in the following areas: developmental issues, cross-cultural work, refugees and trauma, including the text ‘Psychotherapy and Culture’ (Karnac). She works as an infant observation tutor and clinical supervisor at ‘The Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education’ (London, UK). Alongside her teaching work, she runs a consultancy, providing psychotherapy and supervision. She is a visiting external examiner for Doctoral level university students and a member of the UKCP Child Faculty subcommittee, ‘Infant-parent psychotherapy’. Zack is Course Director for the CONFER Diploma Course in Psychopathology. She is a member of The Bowlby Centre and a British Psychoanalytic Council Scholar and the Au Milieu staff team.

Dr Katia Reis

I’m a Paediatrician with more than 30 years of experience. For the last 22 years I’ve been specialising in Infant-Parent psychoanalytic psycotherapy, with a focus on infant mental health during early years.

I’m passionate about working with babies, children, families, and pregnant women. I’m particularly interested in working with children in the first critical 1001 days of life. I’m dedicated to my work, always fighting for the Cause of the Babies.

Robin Balbernie

Robin Balbernie is an infant mental health specialist and was Consultant Child Psychotherapist in Gloucestershire CAMHS. For many years he worked with the Children’s Centres there as clinical lead of ‘Secure Start’, providing an infant mental health service. He was also involved with the Intensive Care Baby Unit at Gloucester Royal Hospital as well as running regular supervision groups for Health Visitors. He was Clinical Director for PIP UK, helping to set up and then supporting specialised infant mental health teams across the country for over five years. His early interest in working with adopted children led him to the field of Infant Mental Health and the need for early preventative intervention that focussed on the relationship between caregivers and their babies. This work then became his main speciality following a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowship to look at related projects in America.

Francesca Rutherford

I came to train as a Parent-Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist after many years of life experience. I am a woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a colleague and a mother and these relationships have informed my interest and commitment to babies and their families. My work has followed a journey to becoming a psychotherapist who specialises in working with babies and their families. This includes many years of working as a Nursery teacher in London, an Early Year’s Advisory teacher in London and Sussex and a team manager supporting very young children with disabilities and learning needs in their homes based in Sussex. I believe in early intervention and the well-being of the baby and the infant-parent relationship. I have come to know that early intervention starts during pregnancy and the first few months of the baby’s life, the first 1,000 days and that the relationships formed at this time impact on the baby’s well-being and future relationships. Parent-infant psychotherapy is a nurturing yet powerful way of supporting the mental and emotional health of babies and their key carers. I am passionate about helping those babies and their families who need support at this time. I have worked as a parent-infant psychotherapist in West Sussex Children’s centres. For Croydon Best Start team and BrightPIP in addition to private practice.

Mariane Cordeiro

Highly specialised Perinatal and Parent-Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist (Under 2’s Services/ Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).Child and Family Psychotherapist (BPC/TSP/CFP). Lecturer in Infant and Toddler Observation Seminars.

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